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The Prince Called...He's Not Coming

Composed 02/20/19

This contrafact on “Someday My Prince Will Come”, was written in 2019 in between students at a college I was teaching at. I wrote the melody first and bass line took shape afterwards. The title was originally even more ridiculous; “The Prince Called….Car Trouble….He’s Not Coming” but I shortened it for the sake of tastefulness (while still retaining some of the tastelessness that is required when naming a contrafact). Many musicians that I’ve played this tune with found it difficult to believe that this was somehow related to “Someday”, so I feel like my goal of obscuring the original was achieved pretty well. The major sevenths on dominant seventh chords in measure 20 and 36 are my quiet revolt on chord scale theory. I intentionally left the interlude harmonically vague so that each improviser can interpret the harmonic implications of the bass line in their own way.

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