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Smells Like Rubidoux

Smells Like Rubidoux


This was written for one of our weekly sessions at Joe Bagg’s backyard shed in Riverside which was about an hour and a half drive East. About three quarters of the way there you would go through Rubidoux. You would know you were going through Rubidoux because of the overwhelmingly earthy farming smells that would permeate your car no matter if the windows and vents were open or shut. I would always know I was getting close to Joe’s. Playing was only a small part of the day long hang. We usually got some chili and a Christmas cookie at Simple Simon’s and then play a set, followed by listening to some music or watching “Curb Your Enthusiasm” or “ Mr. Show”. We’d play another set and then eat some dinner or see a movie and then I'd desperately try to stay awake the entire drive back to LA. The tune itself is a minor tune in 6/4 with a B section in 4/4. I always felt like the A section needed another melody that would fill in the gaps of the main melody like the Bird tune, “Ah Leu Cha” but I didn’t commit to one until 2022. Our group Sigmund Fudge performed this tune a few time at the Baked Potato and The Blue Whale.

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